LawToolBox Unveils AI for Legal Professionals

LawToolBox Unveils AI for Legal Professionals

LawToolBox, a provider of legal solutions unveiled a suite of AI-powered features that transforms its award-winning experience for legal professionals with groundbreaking advancements in deadline extraction and rules-based calendaring in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. LawToolBox AI amplifies core deadline management functions, safely and responsibly by processing AI behind Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security.

The introduction of LawToolBox AI facilitates the conversion of handwritten court orders into actionable deadlines, clause extraction from real estate contracts, automatic deadline tracking in commercial agreements, and more. Highlights of LawToolBox AI include:
• Extracting deadlines from emails and attachments then add to user/matter calendar
• Mapping deadlines from links to civil rules and other documents
• Summarizing emails and attachments, and other documents
• Drafting responses to emails

In addition, the LawToolBox app for Microsoft Teams has been updated with natural language capabilities, enabling users to inquire about weekly deadlines, recent matters, find other team members who have time to respond to deadlines and tasks, and reschedule meetings through simple conversational inputs.

“Using AI to further automate deadline management and legal matters in Microsoft 365 is a game-changer”, says Carol Lynn Grow, Chief Operating Officer of LawToolBox. “We’ve incorporated AI to augment the core functions of LawToolBox in a way that is intuitive, safe, and responsible. Once a legal professional uses LawToolBox AI to extract hand-written deadlines from scheduling or other case management orders, they will never want to do it manually again.”

LawToolBox AI leverages Microsoft AI-ready infrastructure for calendar events, meetings, documents, and chat conversations in Microsoft. LawToolBox AI is processed inside – and never leaves – each customer’s Microsoft 365 cloud. LawToolBox AI safely interprets customer data inside Microsoft 365, only processing data which they can access.

LawToolBox AI uses Azure OpenAI Service and can be added to Copilot for Microsoft 365. In both cases, customers’ prompts and responses are never used to train language models that benefit other legal professionals.

“The novel use of AI by LawToolBox to manage matters signals a new era of legal technology. By building their AI-powered solutions on Microsoft 365, LawToolBox is providing legal professionals with tools that are not only intelligent but also secure and trustworthy. Assisting legal professionals with AI to reduce risk and automate important business processes will contribute toward the transformation of law firms and offices of general counsel into more efficient, agile, and client-centric organizations”, says Uriel Rootshtain, Sr. Director, Modern Work field and partner, Microsoft.

On November 1, 2023, Microsoft announced Copilot for Microsoft 365. Concurrently, LawToolBox AI is available for Microsoft Teams and/or Copilot for Microsoft 365 users. For law firms and offices of general counsel requiring less than 300 licenses, LawToolBox AI is available with pay-as-you-go Azure OpenAI services enabled in their Microsoft 365 account. Furthermore, enterprise customers can apply toward both their LawToolBox base subscription and their LawToolBox AI add-on subscription.