myBarrister launches new myBarrister App

myBarrister launches new myBarrister App

myBarrister on January 14th released a new app designed for barristers and clerks.

myBarrister is the leading service that provides work to Direct Access Barristers in the UK. This new app will broaden myBarrister’s reach as is designed to assist all barristers and clerks.

The new app will allow barristers to:

  • Communicate safely and securely
  • Invite clients to join their network
  • Be part of the global network of barristers
  • Receive local and international referral work via the network.
  • Take part in public and private discussions with other barristers or lawyers
  • Organize their work and communications
  • Read and post news and announcements on the app’s messageBoard

The free version of the myBarrister app allows barristers to invite their clients to join and communicate with the highest level of encryption.

The Business version allows the barristers to join the global network of barristers and secure work through the app. The Business version is available to all barristers for £4.99 per month. For Direct Access barristers registered with the myBarrister subscription service, the Business version allows those barristers to connect with potential clients more rapidly. This will create a significant competitive advantage.

myBarrister app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and in the Play Store for Android devices. There is a web app version for use on the barristers’ laptop or desktop.

The myBarrister app is a modern and secure way for barristers to communicate and collaborate with clients and colleagues. In addition, the app will provide new clients to registered barristers and is destined to become the number one platform used by barristers around the world.

The legal community in Turks and Caicos Islands includes barristers from the UK and other territories in the British Commonwealth.

Neale ColemanWritten by Neale Coleman
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