Digital Access to Turks & Caicos Laws Imminent

Digital Access to Turks & Caicos Laws Imminent

Attorney-General of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, QC, announced that the laws of the land will be digitized and made public for residents of the country. With the passing of a motion in the House of Assembly, the preparation and publication of the revised laws will be made available online with free access to them.

“The Cabinet has made the decision that in terms of the laws which are kept up to date and available on the Attorney General’s website and are updated as they are passed in the house of assembly and as they are made by the cabinet, that will be free from any kind of protected restriction,” Braithwaite-Knowles asserted.

The important milestone means that residents are now free to copy, paste and print. A proposition that was not available previously to residents.

“It makes things much, much easier for people who want to understand the law of the land,” Braithwaite-Knowles explained.

In addition there will be custom jump-drives containing the laws that will be available for purchase by those requiring them with this method. This comes as a replacement to the previously used CD-ROMs where the laws were stored.

The Bill paving the way for the new digitized laws received commendations from the Premier and Leader of the Opposition, both of whom expressed their gratitude on behalf of the residents.

Attorney-at-Law and government leader of business in the House of Assembly, Akierra Missick, expressed her pleasure at the new developments. “Unless you had a friend who was a lawyer who had them on CD you would be hindered by using the cut feature on your laptop [to print] so when the AG said they would be fully functional I was jubilant,” Missixk noted.

July 18th is the date when the consolidated revised edition of the Laws will become available to the public.